Adventures at Techno Mart

Techno Mart is a 10 story metropolis that sells every techno gadget you can and can’t think of. Any and every cell phone known to man is located in this place. They also happen to sell really cute clothes from retailers such as Uniqlo. You can even get your nails done with kawaii trinkets hanging off the tips. It’s quite overwhelming but definitely a place you want to spend the entire day exploring.

 I feel Korea has a surplus of clothing items and accessory’s as indicated in this photo. More supply than demand obviously…..

These two freaky dolls are all over Seoul. Also the trend for couples is to have matching lingerie. “Rawr!”
 I bought the purple/pinkish bag with the scary face.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t get the permission to print that on there. hmmmmm lol Cute though!


Phone accessory’s and phone covers galore. Your every desire!

This is a child’s toy. A gun? WOW.

A really huge and colorful place!
After doing a little shopping I went to the top level where the food court was.
I opted for some delicious Vietnamese Pho soup with spring rolls!!!!
After that the night was still young so I chose to go to a DVD 방 (bang). A DVD 방 is place where you pay 9,000 원 – 17,000 원 to watch a movie for two hours in a small room. Usually you’re either supposed to go with a small group of people or couples choose to go there and make out. (Very often this occurs there. lol)
Inside the DVD 방 room.
As I searched through the movies I saw Paranormal Activity 3 and grabbed it. As I turned around my eye caught to one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, A Frozen Flower (쌍화점). Now when I gave the lady the DVD to put in, her and the other woman giggled. They either did that because 1) They thought I didn’t know about certain scenes in the movie or 2) that it was weird for me by myself to be watching this movie with graphic scenes. lol 
WARNING: Contains Spoilers
A Frozen Flower (쌍화점) is a Korean movie about a King (played by Jo Jin-mo) who trained young boys to be his special body guards. One boy in particular, Hong Lim (played by Zo In Sung) the King grows fond to and throughout the years they become lovers. Soon the King gets pressured to produce an heir to keep the bloodline to the throne but is unable to reproduce. Because of this he asks his lover and head of guards, Hong Lim to consummate with his wife The Queen to produce a child.  At first the two didn’t want to but after a few times together they become madly in love and sneak to be with each other frequently. The King learns of this and catches them in the act. Hong Lim is then castrated. In the end a big fight scene occurs because Hong Lim thought The Queen was killed by the King. Ironically both the King and Hong Lim die side by side.

It’s loosely based off a true story of the reign of Gongmin of Goryeo. The title is also taken from a song of that era that described sexual relationships between men and women.
Your history lesson is now done for the day!
Lastly on Sunday on my way back to Samcheok I ran across an Asian man with a blond mullet at the Bus Terminal!

Some delicious food from Jous Le Tours!
So excited for next weekend because I’m going to LOTTE WORLD!!!!! YEAH!


2 thoughts on “Adventures at Techno Mart”

  1. I think I fell in love! That shop is amazing! Bags, bags and more bags! 8D I really would spare the whole day for exploring that place… xD

    Oh, Lotte World! I'll be waiting for the journal about that!

  2. Yes quite amazing. A huge warehouse with clothes and technology everywhere you turn!

    I'm soooo excited about Lotte World. It's Wednesday night here right now so only 2 days left!

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