Park Bom and the Alexander McQueen Dress

So while I was searching for some new fashion online and listening to some K-pop I came across a few articles about a fabulous $20,000 dress that Park Bom from 2ne1 had on in her new video. I did a little research to find out that the dress was Alexander Mcqueen’s last piece that he made before his untimely death.

I’d say this was a WORK OF ART! I think calling it just a “dress” is an understatement.
A few more screen shots from the video.
Great voice and song and can’t wait to hear more from her AND my favorite girl Kpop group 2NE1!
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2 thoughts on “Park Bom and the Alexander McQueen Dress”

  1. she always gets the best dresses, don't you think? love her & 2NE1 to boot <3 btw, have you seen their MV for 'Lonely'? love the green dress she's wearing in that MV!

  2. Yes you're right. She always finds the cutest dresses to wear. There was one that she had on that had the wash/care label on it really big. I do love their lonely video a lot. U gave me a great idea! I think i'll do some post highlighting each of their iindividual styles. And guess what…I'll start with BOM!

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