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Have you ever watched a Korean zombie movie and thought, “Whoa, that outfit is giving avant, post apocalyptic…even if there are also flesh-eating monsters chasing them?” Well, if yes, me too. If no, then you will after this post.

Everyone knows that Korea is unrivaled when it comes to producing zombie movies/shows so this is for fashion-forward fanatics who loves Korean zombie flicks and want to incorporate that edgy, cyberpunk vibe into their everyday style.

We’ll be diving into 4 recent K-zombie flicks, from the practical yet put-together to the surprisingly stylish (because hey, even during a zombie apocalypse, you gotta look good, right?)

We’ll explore how to recreate these looks with accessible pieces you can find in your own closet or your favorite stores.

So buckle up, get ready to fight off some fashion faux pas (and maybe a few zombies), and join me on this style journey into the world of Korean zombie fashion!

What is Post Apocalyptic Fashion?

The post-apocalyptic fashion trend takes inspiration from fictional wastelands and dystopian futures, blending functionality with a distinct aesthetic.

Black, grey, and other dark colors dominate this palette. They reflect the bleakness of the post-apocalyptic world and create a mysterious, edgy vibe.

Pops of color can be used sparingly, perhaps for a brightly colored bandana or a faction identifier. This trend also embraces vintage finds, patchwork designs, and unexpected combinations of clothing items.

Cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic fashion also share a surprising amount of DNA, both reflecting a world that’s gritty, urban, and often unforgiving.

The post-apocalyptic trend is all about blurring the lines between fashion and function. It’s a way to embrace a rebellious, resourceful spirit through clothing, all while looking effortlessly cool in a world gone mad.

Best Korean Zombie Flicks – Outfit Inspiration

For part 2 I chose to highlight some of the most current zombie movies to hit the market. Here are my favorites

Here are the top 5 best Korean zombie movies that you should definitely check out:

1. Sweet Home 2 (스위트홈 2)

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Picking up three years after a monster outbreak, Sweet Home 2 follows Hyun-su and other survivors as the human-monster line blurs and the fight for survival intensifies in a world overrun by monstrous transformations.

In part 1 of this zombie inspired video series, I featured a look from Sweet Home Season 1 character Pyeon Sang Wook who was a gangster in the show. In SW2 he switched his look to a more dapper one along with Song Kang’s character Cha Hyun Su.

Their all black fitted suits (sometimes accompanied with bloodstained abs) inspired my all black chic fit. The black blazer is one of my favorite thrift finds over the years which I paired with a mini latex skirt that came with a matching cropped blazer. The wide top boots are one of my favorite buys from Chicago based brand Akira.

I also included a black knit cut out dress from Akira as well in the beginning of the video.

2. All Of Us Are Dead (지금 우리 학교는)

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All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean zombie apocalypse drama that follows a group of high school students trapped in their school after a virus outbreak.

They fight to survive against the infected and navigate the complexities of human nature while searching for rescue in a chaotic world. A season 2 has been announced but no further details.

The cast includes phenomenal young actors like Yoo In Soo (Alchemy of Souls, Uncanny Counter), Lee Yoo Mi (Squid Game, Strong Girl Nam Soon) and Cho Yi Hun (The Matchmakers.)

The students of Hyosan High School all donned their school uniforms of green and white plaid so this one was easy to interpret but I added a twist by including my H&M inspired handmade chain scarf.

3. Badland Hunters

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Badland Hunters, a 2024 Netflix film, dives into a post-earthquake Seoul transformed into a lawless wasteland. Ma Dong-seok stars as a skilled wasteland hunter who takes on a rescue mission to save a teenager from a dangerous cult led by a crazed doctor.

As soon as I finished this film I knew I wanted to interpret the fits so I decided to choose the collegiate look from character Choi Ji Wan’s, played by Lee Jun Young. I even had a play bow and arrow laying around to add to the look. The varsity jacket was another Akira item while the sherpa hat was one I picked up from a Mexican bazaar in my hometown.

4. #Alive

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Alive, a 2020 South Korean horror film, throws a gamer named Joon Woo into a zombie apocalypse while he’s alone in his apartment. Struggling to survive with limited resources, he soon discovers another survivor across the way. Together, they must outsmart the infected and find a way to safety in a deserted city.

Now this film was the most difficult to interpret since I don’t own much street wear. I actually ended up having to re-film this section because I wasn’t happy with outfit I came up with.

In the end, instead of going for a similar color scheme, I opted for a post apocalyptic, Dune-ish inspired look with muted colors that would reflect the somber tone of an apocalyptic world.

The head piece was a just a piece of leftover fabric I had that I added a gold cross earring to! DIY to the rescue. I really did enjoy this look so I’m in the process of creating an actual headscarf I can wear out and about. Another great piece of this fit was the thrifted dress! I stumbled upon it at a Salvation Army in San Antonio a few weeks back that had 50% off Wednesdays! So I got the dress for $3: a win.

There are a few reasons why Korean zombie flicks have received attention and praise:

Unique Storytelling

Korean filmmakers often bring a fresh perspective and unique storytelling techniques to the zombie genre. They tend to blend various elements such as horror, drama, comedy, and social commentary, making their films stand out.

Strong Character Development

Korean zombie movies tend to focus on well-developed characters, which can make viewers more emotionally invested in the story. This emphasis on character depth adds an extra layer to the horror and tension.

Social and Cultural Context

Some Korean zombie movies incorporate social and cultural commentary, addressing issues like government corruption, societal pressures, and more.

K-zombie flicks offer thrilling action sequences, suspenseful storytelling, and unique twists on the traditional zombie genre that will keep you entertained from start to finish!

5 Stylish Korean Actors to check out

Here are my favorite stylish actors:

  1. Rowoon – @ewsbdi
  2. Lee Dong Wook – @leedongwook_official
  3. Song Joong Ki – @songjoongkionly
  4. Kim Young Kwang – @aksakfn12
  5. Park Seo Joon – @bn_sj2013

Which of these shows are your favorite and is Train to Busan still #1?

Let me know in the comments!

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