3 Year Blogiversary

Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! I tell ya, each time it comes around I miss it somehow. My 2 year blogiversay came and went and not until about 3 months later had I realized it passed! Crazy me! BUT this time I was ready. ^^
First off I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting and supporting the Pink Fashion Ninja blog and YouTube. Without your support, messages and inspiration I don’t know where I’d be!
As for what’s been up with me, I’ve been back in the states relaxing and preparing to return to Korea before the end of the year. It’s already been 8 months since I left but it feels like just yesterday. Fortunately I found a Korean grocer within a 50 mile radius to satisfy sporadic Sam Quip Sal cravings. 😀
I’ve also been doing random fashion shows, styling and shoots to keep myself busy and somewhat pleased. Life seems so boring outside Korea let me tell ya! Lol.
Anywho coming in August I’ll be attending AND participating in KCon. Yeah! I’ve never been before so I’m excited to share my expertise, be around awesome Kpop peeps and get a whole bunch of free stuff! ahaha. I’ll update you all more when everything’s written in stone.
My Etsy shop is open so hop on over there to order you a fantastic face mask! A summer collection will be up soon so please look forward to that!
I’m also still hosting my own show What’s Up Wednesdays on Aewen every week. I hope you all have been listening! It’s been about 8 months since I started so my 1 year will be coming up before I know it! Don’t forget you can request songs or shout outs. Just tweet me @pnkfashionninja or email missa@aewen.com.
Other than that I’ve severely lacked on my vlogs on YouTube. I sincerely apologize but I honestly feel I really have nothing to talk about now! I don’t want to rant about how I miss Korea this and that bla bla bla so I’ve just chosen not to upload. BUT this weekend I have a surprise video coming. Something I’ve never done. Something I hope you all will like and request more of. Oh yeah!
So that’s about all. Hope you’ve been having a great 2014. 
And thanks for being a reader of the PINKFASHIONNINJA.COM

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