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Here are some of my favorite songs from Kpop’s best!

1: Favorite Song of 2010
Shinee – Lucifer, Try to Follow Me – 2NE1, Taeyang – Only Look At Me, 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody

2: Favorite DBSK song
A Picture Of You & Break Out

3: Favorite Super Junior song
Sexy, Free and Single

4: Favorite BIGBANG song
Ego, Cafe, Beautiful Hangover, Fantastic Baby

5: Favorite SS501 song
Love Ya & Let Me Be The One

6: Favorite Wonder Girls song
Girlfriend, The DJ is Mine

7: Favorite 2PM song

8: Favorite Tiny G song
Miss You

9: Favorite SNSD song

10: Favorite SHINee song
Love Like Oxygen
11: Favorite FT Island song
I Wish

12: Favorite Brown Eyed Girls song
Narsha – I’m in Love

13: Favorite f(x) song
Electric Shock

14: Favorite Infinite song
The Chaser

15: Favorite 2NE1 Song
I Am The Best, I Love You, Hate You & Be Mine

16: Favorite U-KISS song
Standing Still & Never Land

17: Favorite KARA song

18: Favorite MBLAQ song

19: Favorite Jay Park song
Know Your Name

20: Favorite T-ARA song
Why Are You Being Like This

21: Favorite DMT song
Safety Zone

22: Favorite BoA song
Winter Song & The Shadow

23: Favorite Rain song
11 Days, Rainsim, Slowly

 24: Favorite Lee Hyori song
Bad Girls

25: Favorite JYJ song
In Heaven

26: Favorite VIXX song
Light Me Up 어둠 속을 밝혀줘 (The best song EVER!)

27: Favorite Miss A song
Lips, Breathe & Hush

28: Favorite After School song

29: Favorite KDrama song
Found You – JYJ (Sungkyunkwn Scandal OST)

30: Favorite EXO song
My Lady

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