Taeyang “Ringa Linga” Teaser

I’m in total shock right now. My breath is short and I’m Michi Seo! Taeyang’s comeback stage announcement teaser was revealed on Sundays Inkigayo and Lawd Jesus It’s A fire Up in Here!

 I was totally shocked to see this much released to us so soon since YG has given us sparse information about what’s going on (other than a Nov 8th date for the video.) The only thing I’m upset about is that the Inkigayo teaser is too quick and too short! (yes I know it’s a “teaser”) but dang could I at least get like 45 seconds? Please? No? Okay then. Anywho on November 1st we were treated to Taeyang’s first official released teaser giving us a snippet of his first single “Ringa Linga” written and produced by GD.
Check it out
Now with this first teaser, Young Beezy’s looking over the city standing high where all can see. In the back we can see the sun shining over his shoulders. The ending shows him lifting his arms as if he is the sun and embracing what is to come.

Now with the Comeback Teaser we get even more! We get to hear more than just the piano part in the first one AND some concepts from either the Ringa Linga video or from his album. Whichever one is fine for me! 
This video is dope!
Epic right? Makes you just want to smack everybody around you. Just yell out the window “It’s Tae Tae bitches!” 
Since the teaser is so dang quick I decided to do screen caps of all the scenes. And yo, even though I slowed the video down to 0.125 seconds so that I could screen cap, it was STILL too fast. After watching it, I think you’ll appreciate these screen caps even more because the video will make your head spin!
Let’s jump into it.
It starts with the first teaser photo released of Taeyang breathing smoke. 

How he can get away with dangling earrings and still look manly is beyond me!

Is this a cactus? His silhouette with it seems likea  metaphor of his pain and suffering. And how a cactus can survive in the “Sun” for long periods without any water. One image he’s in the light and the next the dark.

Taeyang the Pet Detective? Safety first!

Tae’s been loving the grill lately but I’ll let him slide. Does this smoke stand for him breathing new air into the world since his new album is called “New World?” Or does he just like to smoke weed?

Sookie Sookie now!

Photos of his Jesus tattoo! Love it!

THIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE TEASER. Now I’m not one to call men gorgeous but Young Bae Dong has GREAT facial features. And a very alluring side silhouette but somehow he still doesn’t look like a “pretty boy.” It’s weird how that is but he’s a really attractive guy. And the epic Mohawk that only Taeyang can do is in the building!

Instead of “Boys from the Hood” it’s “Tae Tae From the Hood!” 😀 But I’m really feeling the cheetah print on the side. It’s very tribal and beginning of the world-ish.

Now this would be my LEAST favorite moment of the teaser. Taeyang with glitter? Looking like he just stepped out of a Star Trek themed, Village People after party? No sir, no sir. I would have liked to have seen this on his chest or his arms. The face just isn’t doing it for me.

And there we have it! The Sun WILL RISE! “Ringa Linga” Taeyang coming to us on November 8th. Now ya’ll know I gotta do a spaz video reaction for the MV. And I might even get my brothers to watch it with me since they’re a fan of GDragon and like Taeyang’s sushi dance. 🙂
How are YOU feeling TAEYANG’s new teasers and image?

Video Credit:
Big Bang @YouTube.com    
YGTaeyang @YouTube.com   

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