Fierce Korean Shoe Store: SHOESONE

Update: Check out my review of the store here –> K Style DIY (EP1)
This weekend in Seoul was a friend of mine’s birthday get together. We stayed, ate and partyed all over Hongdae. For dinner we ate a great Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the area. On our way there we passed this FREAKING AMAZING small shoe store on a corner. 
Seeing the store made my eyes bulge out while looking at the many flashy styles of shoes they sold. The shoes were VERY 2NE1-ish. Yes, I could see CL and BOM having a field day in this store. Yeah I know, they rock Louis and McQueen but hey a cute shoe is a cute shoe NO MATTER the price. Oh and speaking of price did I forget to tell you all the prices for the shoes were INEXPENSIVE. Some of the studded platforms were only 40,000 KRN! That’s LESS than $40USD. Though I could only browse a minute or two, the highest price platforms I saw were only $80 – $115.

When your in Korea check SHOESONE out! UPDATE: Go to Honkik Station and take Exit 8 and take a left (if you take a right you’ll end up on the street 🙂 Lotte Cinema will be right in front of you. Next walk down the street for about 2 minutes and on the first corner will be ShoeSone one store down from a restaurant. You CAN’T miss it.
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