The Streets of Samcheok: The Block is Hot

What I see out and about in Korea.

Rain at the Grocery Store. He’s such a good cook and wears nice tight blue button ups for me.

Delicious coffee from a vending machine like the one on “Boys Over Flowers.”
Since I’m too lazy to rewrite this story I will just copy and paste what I put on Facebook.
“I was at the immigration office with my boss getting my paperwork done. He comes over and gives me this book. I’m thinking “Oh this must be a book for foreigners living in Korea.” I take it to school and show one of the teachers and she bursts out laughing. She tells me its a book for women who MARRY or are going to MARRY A KOREAN MAN. I’m looking crazy bewildered and wondering WHY in the hell he would give me this book. She cracks up and says “Its for when when you meet Rain.” Well I guess I’ll now know how to make a great batch of Kimchi and squid. “
*Note* This edition is in Russian so it’s not like I could read it anyway. As you can see my boss’ English isn’t the best as he didn’t realize this wasn’t in English.

An “I love you” sign at the beach for couples but unfortunately I’m just a single loner 🙁
My name in Korean (April = Sawol) written in the sand. Slightly written wrong.

Beautiful sunsets on the beach.
Me freezizng on the beach with a small blanket.

A lit bridge where you can see the water underneath you. Kinda looks like a stairway to the Red Light District though.

A beautiful multicolored fountain that I want to jump into.

A view of it from high up. I want to dance in it and throw my troubles away.

A Jesus statue. He constantly watches over me.

A sign on the statue I can not read. I believe the first word is nan which is “I.”

And He watches over the city.

An amazing one man band!

A very bland display window but the clothes are cute.

A tattered Rain poster in the window of a bookstore. You guys don’t need this poster anymore right? Oh I can have it? Thanks guys!

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