Seoul Designer Series: Choi Bum Suk (최범석)

The saying goes “When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do.” Well since I’m in Korea, I’ll do as the Koreans do! I am starting a new series that will highlight a Korean Fashion Designer to celebrate the upcoming Seoul Fashion Week. Even after SFW is over, I will continue doing this series to bring awareness to Asian High Fashion. Also since you’re up here already, click the “Follow” Button to your right —–> to get updates and posts about more designers and trends!
Contrary to American beliefs, Asia’s role in fashion is not just manufacturing. With the “Hallyu Wave” aka the “Korean Wave” currently in full throttle worldwide, all aspects of Asia are being watched intently. Soon International Fashion all over the world will be looked at for innovation and inspiration. 
First up menswear Designer Choi Bum Suk.

Choi started his menswear label, General Idea, in the Spring of 2004. The General Idea brand “is a mix of avant-garde design with a sense of roughness.” With this as his main concept he still allows the collections to be extremely wearable without giving up his air of creativity. He was born in rural Seoul and learned about fashion by selling textiles at a wholesale shopping district in Seoul. Even though never receiving any formal training, Choi is now one of the top names in Korean Fashion and became the first Korean menswear designer to show at New York Fashion Week in 2009.
He has also done various collaborations, one of the most notable being MAC Cosmetics where he designed a couture piece for their Hello Kitty Couture Auction. 
An advertisement for the Auction.

His design for the event. Winning Bid $209.47 USD.


-Choi Bum Suk
“I focused on Debbie Harry of Blondie rather than just on Hello Kitty’s character. While the Hello Girl represents M.A.C’s famous black color – Hello Kitty changes from a girl to a woman with matte black and glossy pink! The black is chic and provocative and the pink ribbon symbolizes the pure sensibility of a little girl. “


In 2009 Choi Bum Suk also teamed up with longtime partner Puma where he designed a limited edition collection for their “Black Station Line” that was sold throughout Asia. 

His impressive resume also includes creating the packaging and uniforms for Heineken in Asia, designing the Mild Seven Renault F1 Team’s Formula Racing Car in 2006, and collaborating with Absolute Vodka‘s bottle campaign in 2007.

So with all this going on, one might ask themselves how he still has time to do his own line! His Fall/Winter 2011 menswear collection consisted of heavy layering, lumberjack plaid, fur and high coat collars, bold colors, army fatigue, and bubble scarves.

General Idea will be showing at this years Seoul Fashion Week Friday October 21st at 5pm.

Unfortunately it is not possible to view many pieces of the General Idea line on Google in America. Please try which is the equivalent to Google in Korea. Just copy and paste the Korean letters in the subject of this post and enjoy!
Thanks and until next time, Stay fabulous!

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