Kpop Trend Alert: Layered Rings

You’ve might’ve seen your favorite stars such as CL or Rihanna rocking the stacked/layered midi rings trend and wondered how you can get the same look. It’s actually really easy to replicate with jewelry you already own in your wardrobe.

 Now of course you can buy them already together like this and this but we’re trying to go for Cheap Chic right?

CL rocks the layered rings look frequently through her Instagram.

Before you start layering here are a few tips on balancing out the look.
Step 1: Group your rings depending on size and color.

Step 2: Choose how you want to balance the rings
Here are some helpful Layered/Stacked Rings Pictographs for you!
There are many options but don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s just about balancing out the hand but remember it’s whatever style you want!
Now you’ve got the finished look! 
Since I don’t have many small rings, I used more big rings and balanced them out with my medium ones. So stack according to your ring inventory! Remember there’s no wrong way to do it. ^^
And that’s it! 
Which star does the layered midi ring trend best? 
Let me know in the comments!

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