My LA Fashion Adventure

Hey everyone,
A week or two ago I went to Los Angeles (twice actually) and explored the great land of the west. (I went for a Kpop contest ironically!) I was able to get many KPOP cd’s (yeah!) and visited the Koreatown Galleria and Little Tokyo. Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip. I also found this extremely cute skirt from a store called Love Culture that I paired with a “Pray for Japan” shirt that I want to show everyone since I haven’t posted my own fashion in a while. Please enjoy!
Girly lolita skirt from Love Culture.
Minnie Mouse shoes from Burlington Coat Factory.
This is in homage to my wonderful trip to Little Tokyo in LA!
I was also featured in a blog while shopping. A lady stopped and asked for a picture! (I had the same skirt on lol) Please check it out.

A beautiful view from the plane of some random mountains.
I took this while driving. Multitasking!
Some guy who is multi-talented! And another person jamming to the tunes.

This young man could play any song from a video game. Here he is doing Mario Bro Level 2.
Hmmm yummy.

These are all from my adventures in Little Tokyo!

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  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG! i am actually thinking of starting one! love it! please keep up the good work! i shall stop by soon again! thank you!

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